"In the matter of only a few days of schoolwork help from Angels Learning Center I could already see such a positive change in my son, he can't wait to go to your place after school. I've never seen him as happy as he is now doing his schoolwork. You guys are the real deal thank you for taking such good care of him.  I am so glad to have found you guys!"---Tom (Father of 3rd grade student)

"I felt so powerless when my daughters 1st grade teacher told me she was so behind in her reading level. She's only in first grade I couldn't understand how quickly she could fall behind from kindergarten to 1st well she did and then on top of it she never wanted to do her homework with me or her father. We were in desperate need of help and prayed for guidance. Then out of the blue my friend mentioned this brand new Learning Center that opened up in town called Angels Homework Helpers.  From the moment I called over the phone to find out more information speaking to the owner Joshua I knew my daughter would be in excellent hands. I have never met such passionate people about helping children succeed.  I am so thankful for you all.  In such a short period of a month you have no idea have much you have made a difference in our lives. My only regret is starting my daughter out with a 1month package to start, from here on out you have a loyal customer for the 6month packages if you had whole year packages I would certainly buy that one as well. Bring your child to Angels Learning Center mark my words you will be extremely satisfied." ---Susan (Mother of 1st grade student)

"I could write a book of why you should bring you child to Angel's Learning Center but Joshua   asked me to only write a few sentences so I told him fine I'll do even better for you I'll say all I need to in less than 20 words -- "YOU HAVE MADE ME THE HAPPIEST MOTHER, Thank you truly for all you have done for my son" ---Andrea (Mother of 9th Grade student)

"My son lacked motivation and hated to do his homework everyday. He would wait till about an hour before he went to bed to start it. It usually led to him falling asleep crying at times because of how he hated doing it.  When we heard of Angels Homework Helpers we knew we had to check them out. Me and my wife decided to bring my son to have some pizza at Carmines next door with the intention after to go to Angels. As soon as we finished eating we went to angels, as I was opening the door to the learning center my son looked into the windows from outside and he saw 'The After Homework Fun Zone' and immediately said "Dad can I please come here". I was taken aback we weren't even inside yet and he was hooked.  I have never seen my son so happy doing his homework and even doing extra reading when we don't even ask it of him.  It's been almost 2 months now and my son is a different student. The results are real, I am excited for my son to continue throughout the summer with Angel's Math and Reading Prep Programs they are going to prepare him so well as he starts 5th grade next year." ---Joe (Father of 4th grade student)

"Amazing Passion for what they do. They will go above and beyond to help your child succeed. All I can say is thank you everyone at Angels for helping my daughter with her Math. To see a smile on her face when I pick her up from school everyday shows to me alone that what they have done for her is priceless and in only a few weeks is remarkable." ---Barbara (Mother of 1st Grade Student) 

"I will start by saying Angel's Learning Center there should be one in every city.  Before I found Angel's Learning Center I toured three other learning centers and all of them quoted such outrageous prices me and my husband were shocked.  For the quality of help Angel's has given our son they could easily hop on board with their competitors and charge as much as they all do but they don't because they really do believe in making it so much more affordable for families. I say to you reading this as a parent bring your child to Angel's Learning Center mark my words one of the best decisions you will ever make for your child's education. WE WOULD LIKE TO JUST ADD A PERSONAL NOTE TO ALL OF THE ANGELS STAFF FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS ME AND MY HUSBAND THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE OF EDUCATION AND YOUR DEDICATION TOWARDS HELPING CHILDREN SUCCEED." ---Irene & Dan (Mother and Father of 10th Grade Student)